Dimming LED Filament lamps


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Dimming LED filament lamps

In the list below you will be able to see the dimmer test results for our LED filament lamps.

Dimmer test list.

For your convenience we tested them with 10 different common dimmers.

Tip: Do not leave your lights on when they turn on and off fast, or start to flicker on a particular setting of the dimmer. This can damage both the dimmer and lamps.


5 Year warranty!

Perhaps you have seen this sticker on one of the boxes for our LED filament bulbs?

We now offer 5 years warranty on all of our LED filament bulbs.*

We set high standards for our manufacturer. For example colour temperature and cooling are very important. Our light bulbs are cooled by a special gas, because of this our lamps achieve a higher effeciency than the average LED filament lamp. Another big advantage of LED filament lamps is the much higher beam angle than previous generation LED bulbs that required an extra heatsink.

Thanks to the high quality of sapphire filaments and the gas inside the bulb, our lamps have a life expectancy of up to 30.000h when used in a typical household. The lamps produce on average 130 lumen per Watt and have outstanding heat dissipation.

*Warranty only valid with proof of purchase and the malfunctioning LED filament lamp. Warranty only valid when used in a typical household setting (8 hours a day).


What is Sapphire Quality?

Visit this page for more info.

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