Convert product info to PDF

Information can easily be found when using our product search engine. That information can then be printed. But you can also save it as a PDF file on your pc.

How do you do this?

By following these steps:

Let's take the following product, 3415252 or the Rhonda downlight.

After you looked up the product you will see the following screen:


Click the 'print' button on this screen to prepare a new screen with just the information on it without any extras.


Once on this screen, scroll down until you see the little print icon as seen on the above screen. Clicking on that icon will open a new screen dependant on your OS. If you use a Mac you will see the first image, if you use Windows then you'll see the second image.


On Mac choose the option PDF and then Save as PDF.


On Windows Adobe PDF in the printers menu (or PDF Complete, ...) and click 'Print', this way you will save the file as a PDF.

design & implementation by e2e NV