Assembly Instructions

On this page you will find some general instructions. These instructions are the same for most light fixtures. They are only a guideline for the do-it-yourself enthousiast on how to connect and install the devices. They are definitly not complete and when in doubt always consult a professional !!!

In every device there is also leaflet with more detailed instructions. This way you won't need to search needlessly. If for any reason you no longer have or find the leaflet, then you can always request a new one by email. If you want to reacquire a lost leaflet then always note the correct product number in your email!


Before you start:


1. Remove the device from its packaging and check if all parts are present. Make sure you have all the necessary tools handy.
2. Decide where you want to install the device.
3. Shut down the power.
4. Make sure your work environment is safe. (ladder is set and stable, no random objects on the floor, no kids around, ..)
5. Install the device as directed in the instructions leaflet.


Connecting the electrical wires:


1. Make sure the electricity if turned off.
2. Connect the wires. The green/yellow wire, if present, must be connected to the grounding connection. This is not necessary if your device is isolated twice or runs at 12v. Check the leaflet or label on the box of the device.
3. The blue wire is the neutral wire, black or brown is the current (L1 of L2).
4. Install the correct lamp. Don't install a 100 Watt bulb in a fixture that only supports up to 60 Watt. To be sure check the labels on the box.
5. Turn on the power and check if everything works.
6. When in doubt consult a professional!


Correct maintenance:


1. Remove the glasses if you want to clean your device. Use a non-erosive cleaning agent. Feel free to ask more information though our contact page.
2. Only clean metal parts with a damp cloth. Don't use cleaning agents.
3. To clean inox, use specially designed cleaning agents. For more info consult a kitchen specialist.
4. Devices designed for outside use, need extra protection. We recommend you use a protective spray on these devices twice a year. These protective sprays can be bought at our showrooms.


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