Light Advice

Make an appointment with one of our light advisors, who will help you, in a professional way, choose the best lighting solutions for your needs.

It's best to bring a blueprint with you, of your house, garden, rooms, etc. that need new lights. Together we will look at all the options and show you the best light fixtures for your particular needs. Advice will also be given in regards to specific light types, how to save energy, how to accentuate certain areas, … Of course ultimately, the choice of fixtures and lights is yours!!!

Contact us if you would like more information about our lighting advice.

For larger and professional projects (stores, restaurants, offices, …) our light advisor can create a 'lightplan'. These plans are created and calculated on the computer. The blueprint of your business is recreated virtually and the suggested lights are added to give you an idea of how your room or business could look.

Below you will find an example of a 'lightplan'. 

Contact our projects department for more information, or to make an appointment, through our contact page.

optiek render

optiek licht render

Light calculations on the computer:

For larger projects where light intensity is important, we can make light calculations on the computer. Afterwards the project is virtually represented. The rooms can be filled with furniture, doors, staircases, … On the image above, a store is represented, below it, a 3D image is shown depicting overall light intensity.