Tips About Lighting

Proper lighting is very important. It can add extra value to your home or business or it can make everything look plain and dull.

When you decide what type of lighting to use, it's important -to get maximum results- to give as much information about the interior of your home or business as you can, to the lighting advisor.

That's why it's important to think beforehand about the functions of your rooms and the position of your furniture.

Use spotlights correctly. They are intended to accentuate important and special details in your interior.

Use LEDs if you need to light a room for a long time. These lights are ideal to provide basic lighting, for instance in a lamp cap.

Use LEDs as orientation or to create atmosphere. LEDs can alse be used to add extra color accents to a room.

Make sure to get enough seperately switchable circuits. To get all desired effects from one lighting fixture is virtually impossible. Provide adequate lighting where you need to work and make sure to keep a watchfull eye on the lighting angle so you don't create shadows on your workspace. Your lighting advisor can explain what kind of lighting is best for the desired effects and applications.

To leave all of your options open, make sure to visit your lighting advisor before the power lines are installed.