About us

Fantasia Lighting was founded in 1952. From that moment on, it always followed the newest trends in lighting.

Thus, it became one of the leading lighting distributors of Belgium with over 5.000 articles!
This gives us the possibility to find a solution for every problem concerning lighting.

In 2012 Fantasia Verlichting reached the respectable age of 60 years! Time for a "face-lift" so we introduced our new logo:

fantasia verlichting logo klassiek


fantasia verlichting logo new

This new look also includes new packaging, new information on the boxes, ....

Among its clients Fantasia Lighting is well known to have a very good and fair proportion between price and quality and we give a fantastic service. We have created a real relationship built on trust with all of our clients.

To show you our vast assortment of articles, we have a showroom where everything is conveniently displayed. They are at your disposal and you will be helped by one of our lighting advisors to find the correct solution for your needs.

You can also use our network of clients to have a look at our products near to your home.

All you have to do, is enter your data on our contact page and indicate the products you are interested in. We will mail you the address of our closest client, together with extra information about the selected products, if available.